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Democratising procurement automation with AI.....

Build to help you do more with less, make quick  & better decisions

BitsPro is an innovative multi-tenant procurement solution built to democratize digital procurement transformation for all businesses irrespective of size. Built for SMEs, BitsPro is backed by algorithms that facilitate quick decision-making and cost savings.

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Your plug for Procurement automation and analytics

Want more efficiency in your organization? BitsPro is built to help you do more with less, and is easy to use for any team. The setting up is as simple as opening your email.


Collaboration tools to effectively engage vendors


Insights to make better, faster decisions


Automation to free up capacity for strategic objectives

The Platform - Bitpro

Innovative multi-tenant procurement solution that leverages advanced analytics to expedite decision-making & reduce procurement cycle time in a user-friendly environment.

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User friendly interfaces for Ease of use

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Accessible on all Device Types

Why Bitpro?

BitsPro will be a companion you can trust for simplifying, and making procurement transformation affordable for ALL Businesses...

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Easy setup

Set it up once, and you're good to go, no hassle...

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No license / onboarding fee

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Low subscription fee (Monthly Pay-As-You-Go)

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Target the neglected but most important sector of the economy, SMEs

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Built specifically to make life better for every Small, Medium Business owners, and their staff

Value proposition

Backed by Intelligent Workflow to make data driven decisions and increase cost savings...

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Improved Transparency and Fairness

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Reduction in Overheads

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​Reduces Procurement Cycle-time

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Increased Savings from Operational Cost

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Promote Compliance

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Reduce Risk and Prioritize Data Security

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Promotes Client-Vendor Collaboration


Simplified Buying Experience

BitsPro is backed by intelligent algorithms that ensure you’re always making the best of business decision all the time...

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Anomaly Detection

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Intelligent Vendor Matching

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Double Buy Prevention

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RPA Backed Invoice-to-Text Extraction

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Price Prediction & Digital Assistance

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Real Time Spend Analysis

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Simple & Affordable

Want more efficiency in your organization? BitsPro is built to help you do more with less, and is easy to use for any team...

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